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Sutter Health Department of Protective Services is recruiting for a full-time Protective Services Manager to support Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley, CA. Do you have an extensive security management, law enforcement, or an operations management background? Do you consider yourself to be organized and results oriented? Do you enjoy wearing many hats and take pleasure knowing people can rely on you? If yes, let us tell you a little more about this role… The Protective Services Manager is a member of the Protective Services leadership team responsible for managing day-to-day security operations for an assigned geographic area, including hospital, clinics, and other locations as assigned. This is a security management position for someone who is resourceful, comfortable with ambiguity and change, has the ability to multitask, desires to build strong relationships with stakeholders, and a self-starter. The Protective Services Manager will support the mission of Protective Services by ensuring effective integration of enterprise security standards relating to staffing, training, technology and processes at assigned locations. Managers may also lead or assist in the development of security programs, complex projects, and initiatives that support a region or the enterprise. If you join the Protective Services team, you'll be part of an incredibly hard working and fun team of 800 security professionals working together to deliver comprehensive and industry leading physical security services to safeguard the people, property, assets and brand of Sutter Health. Job Summary: Reporting to a Protective Services Manager, Regional Manager or Director, has security leadership and management responsibility for assigned Sutter Health Hospital(s) and other sites or activities as may be assigned. The role includes incorporating enterprise, operating unit, and regional guidance and direction into affiliate security programs and initiatives that result in a coherent system approach, while ensuring that implementation strategies are tailored and integrated consistent with affiliate culture. The position encompasses all facets of protective services activities within the assigned area, to include activities at the primary hospital, designated foundation sites, and other locations as may be designated. The position provides leadership, direction and supervision to subordinate shift leaders and frontline teams. The Manager will ensure effective synchronization of Staffing, Technology (CCTV, access control, alarms/detection, programming, software, et al), and Processes (incident reporting, analysis, measurement, budgeting, repair & maintenance, investigations, event reconstruction, training, crime prevention, et al), to safeguard Sutter Health's people, property, assets, and interests. Key responsibilities include identifying risks, establishing sound/effective risk-mitigating approaches, implementing monitoring and control measures, ensuring regulatory compliance, and working to continuously improve capabilities and effectiveness relative to critical measures of success. Program measures of success include operating below industry benchmarks for crime, loss, and resource allocation; and operating above departmental targets for employee perceptions of safety and employee experience of work. Specific competencies include planning, reporting, analyzing, measuring, investigating, training, policy-development, root cause analysis, process improvement, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, leadership, and building a high-performing team that delivers consistent and repeatable results. Effectiveness will rely on communication, collaboration, and the ability to navigate and support colleagues in a matrixed organization. The Manager will be specifically accountable to build strong relationships with hospital administration and key stakeholders in other functional areas (to include but not limited to Human Resource, Privacy/Information Security, Technology Services, Safety, Risk, Facilities & Property Services, General Counsel, Compliance, and Internal Audit). Responsibilities: * Deliver Core security solutions, alternatives, and recommendations in support of Hospital and other designated locations across the full spectrum of the Protective Service line: * Create and adopt relevant policies, to include providing training and ensuring operational integration of policy requirements. * Implement daily shift reviews, incident reporting, incident inquiry, and use of analytical results to optimize security staffing, technologies, and processes. * Conduct and support investigations into allegations of criminal acts, theft/property loss, assaults, workplace violence, and other activities that disrupt or have the potential to disrupt the delivery of world-class healthcare.Provide crime prevention and education/awareness tailored to varying populations within Affiliate business units to reduce crime, reduce loss, foster a positive culture of security, and tangibly improve employee perceptions of safety. * Maximize the effectiveness of access control technologies and protocols by intelligent provisioning, de-provisioning, self-audits, and quality control to appropriately enable access of the right people to the right places for the right reasons. * Actively manage the repair and maintenance of technical security equipment to achieve a daily operational readiness rate of >99% to optimize Sutter Health's investment in end devices, to enable a robust capability for event reconstruction, and to contribute to more successful investigative outcomes. * Ensure Security Management and Facility Security Plans are current, relevant, understood, comprehensive, compliant, and operationally useful. * Partner with key stakeholders to conduct Risk Assessments and work aggressively to mitigate risks identified in assessment recommendations. * Accept responsibility from the Security Integration Project Management Team for the security dimensions of new construction and renovations during the hand-off phases of pre-commissioning, commissioning, and project completion. * Effectively integrate Protective Services with organizational partners in Risk, Safety, Compliance, Privacy, Human Resources, Information Technology, Nursing, Facilities, and other critical functional areas, to include membership in appropriate committees, workgroups, and participation in recurring meetings and information exchanges. * Build and lead a high-performing Security Team which consistently applies core competencies to deliver superior results in the areas of service and quality while operating with high levels of employee engagement and cost effectiveness. * Employ a serving leadership approach to optimize performance and employee engagement. * Provide appropriate guidance, direction, mission-based skills training, resources, and regular performance feedback to afford all team members the maximum opportunity to be highly successful. * Provide Leader Development to optimize Frontline performance and engagement; cultivate next generation security leaders and provide career paths for team members; build the bench forsuccession. * Actively manage the performance of either proprietary or outsourced/contract security partners using key performance indicators, progress against goals, and performance relative to targets to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence. * Develop Risk-Based Staffing plans which result in the assured staffing capabilities needed to safeguard people, property, assets, and interests of Sutter Health at all locations within the assigned geographic footprint: Co-create plans with the Regional Security Managers and Shift Leaders to ensure shared understanding, alignment, and buy-in of staffing solutions. * Tailor solutions to be in direct alignment with considerations unique to each site, to include patient/visitor volumes, service lines, physical layout, community dynamics, and employee perceptions of safety. * Ensure post and patrol instructions are relevant and focused on mitigating reasonably foreseeablerisks and continuously revised in light of incident analysis, risk assessment findings, investigativefindings, and process inquiry. * Ensure staffing is blended with security technology and operational processes to result in coherent and optimized solutions. * Provide direct and tailored security services to Hospital Leaders: Serve as a Protective Services subject matter expert to provide security solutions, alternatives, and recommendations across the full spectrum of the service line. * Leverage System resources such as Investigators, Risk Assessors, Analysts, Technical Security * Integrators, et al, to provide Best Practices solutions to Hospital risks and vulnerabilities. * Provide immediate notifications as needed; and analysis-based recurring reports to provide an executive overview on key performance measures, trending, and supporting Action Plans to continuously drive program and process improvements. Required: High School Diploma; Bachelors or Equivalent 5 years' experience managing security teams in healthcare. * At least 8 years of experience in public safety or healthcare security or other related field. * At least 3 years of management in a public safety or healthcare setting or other related field. Prior demonstrated successful supervisory experience in public safety or healthcare or other related field. * Experience in training, coaching, event planning, project coordination and leading presentations. * Experience in policies, procedures, performance standards and measures in the administration of healthcare security. * Experience in development, evaluation, and monitoring of safety or security programs. * Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Physical Security Professional (PSP) are acknowledged as having value.

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