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Sanford Burnham Prebys is a preeminent, independent biomedical research institute dedicated to understanding human biology and disease, and advancing scientific discoveries to profoundly impact human health. A Research Associate I/II position is available in the Infectious and Inflammatory Disease Center (IIDC) in the laboratory of Dr. Sumit K. Chanda, as part of a multi-disciplinary program focused on using a systems-level understanding of innate immunity, T cell biology, and virus-host interactions to discover novel druggable targets and small molecule agonists or inhibitors. The Chanda lab is interested in unraveling the molecular bases for these complex host-pathogen interactions. Viruses are obligate pathogens, and therefore their survival is dependent upon their ability to exploit host cellular machinery. Concurrently, viruses must also successfully evade immune surveillance mechanisms, including first-line (innate) defense systems. Specifically, we are studying cellular proteins required for both influenza A and retrovirus/HIV infection. additionally, we are investigating novel molecules that regulate, or respond to, Pattern Recognition Receptor (PRR) signaling. Taken together, we aim to elucidate the repertoire of host proteins required for viral infection, and understand the molecular strategies adapted by these viruses as countermeasures to innate immune responses. The scientists in the Chanda lab are also looking to find known drugs that can inhibit the Covid-19 virus. The approach they are taking, known as drug repositioning, can cut development time dramatically. Since they are looking at FDA-approved drugs that are proven to be safe in humans, these medicines could rapidly get to people infected with the virus. If successful, drug repositioning will likely be the fastest path to find a therapeutic solution for the virus. View these videos and links on the current research in the Chanda lab: Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 antiviral durgs (Nature) Covid-19 antibody research efforts Meet Scientists on the front line with coronavirus Finding a drug for COVID-19 10 News Sumit Chanda Interview HIV functional cure Primary Responsibilities * Performs in vitro and ex vivo infection assays, virus propagation and quantitation * Performs cell-based screening, small molecule antiviral testing, siRNA and cDNA transfections, and tissue culture * Maintains various mammalian cell lines and primary cells * Performs basic molecular techniques such as cloning and DNA/RNA/protein works, and other related duties and tasks as required or assigned. * Handles laboratory administration * Oversees equipment installation and maintenance * Orders and stocks lab supplies * Maintains various reagent collections and inventories * Assists with experiments as determined by the PI and post-docs * Keeps written records of experiments and data organization

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