School Aide

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Summary: Assists one or more teachers with one-on-one or small group tutoring and/or in the direct care, supervision, and support of the children in a classroom setting. Assists in maintaining and preparing classroom materials, attendance records, health forms, and student files. Provides instructional assistance that reinforces learning to individuals or small groups of students. Monitors cafeteria, playground, drop off and pick-up zones, and other school site environments to assure the safety and positive behaviors of students in an elementary or junior high school setting. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Incumbents in this position are qualified to perform all of the essential duties and responsibilities, however, may concentrate on a few depending on the needs of the teacher and school site administrators. * Assists an instructor to implement lesson plans by providing positive learning experiences for children. * Provides subject matter tutoring in areas such as but not limited to limited English proficiency, basic skills, and classroom subject matter. * Assists the instructor in maintaining classroom discipline by observing the activities of the children and maintaining order in or out of the classroom setting. * Monitors classroom activities when a teacher is absent from the classroom for a limited time. Accompanies students going from one location to another. Observes, monitors, and controls behavior of students within approved procedures. * Gives children individual and special attention each day. Responds to each child's particular needs and characteristics. * Reports to the instructor any signs of illness or distress observed in the children. Aids in dealing with the situation, as appropriate. * Sets up and arranges supplies and equipment in the classroom as directed. * Performs clerical duties such as, but not limited to, preparation of correspondence, teaching aids, labels, charts, bulletin boards, and displays. * Assists a teacher with assessments and recording results. * May attend meetings, trainings required by the district, conferences and/or Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings as necessary. * Uses proactive management techniques to direct, oversee and monitor activity of students in playground, cafeteria, rest room, hallway and other environments where students gather. * Reports unauthorized activities and unauthorized persons on school grounds to appropriate school authority. * Assist students in the cafeteria and may assist food service staff with service and cleanup. * Monitors student movement in and out of classrooms verifying hall passes and other forms of permission ensuring compliance with school rules and procedures. * May assist with medical emergencies, perform first aid, and administer medication under the supervision of the District Nurse and following appropriate training. * Performs a variety of clerical and housekeeping functions. * Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position. * Work flexible schedule to accommodate the program and District needs. Qualifications: * Knowledge and Skills: * The position requires basic knowledge of the principles and practices of age appropriate child development and guidance applicable for an educational setting. Requires working knowledge of the basic subjects taught in the District schools, including arithmetic, grammar, spelling, language and reading, with sufficient competency to assist students with individual or group studies. Requires a basic knowledge of teaching and instruction methods. Requires knowledge of basic clerical and record keeping processes. Requires knowledge of and skill at using personal computers, audiovisual, and other equipment to support learning, record information, and send communications. Requires sufficient human relation skills to work productively and cooperatively with teachers, students, and parents in formal and informal settings, to exercise patience when conveying information, and demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students. May require knowledge of and competency in a second language. Requires basic knowledge of age-appropriate child behaviors and the District's policies for working with children. Requires basic knowledge of safety for public and play areas. Requires sufficient human relations skills to exercise patience when working with students and staff and to direct the activities of children. Requires basic knowledge of the operations of a school office. * Abilities: * Requires the ability to assist teaching staff with implementation of instructional goals and activities. Requires the ability to assess the needs of individual students and develop programs to meet those needs. Requires the ability to interact with teachers, parents, and specialists in order to carry out assigned duties. Requires the ability to oversee students, follow lesson plans, administer assignments and tests, and perform general clerical tasks. Requires the ability to make informal presentations to individual and small groups of students and assist with demonstrations of assigned subject matter to classroom sized groups. Requires the ability to maintain confidentiality and impartiality when dealing with private and sensitive information. Requires the ability to relate positively to students in a teaching/learning environment in a way that builds confidence and recognizes socioeconomic and cultural differences among children. Requires the ability to balance emotional support and discipline and deal with common behavior problems. Requires the ability to remain calm in normal, urgent, and emergency situations. Requires the ability to follow standing instructions about student behavior. Requires the ability to maintain simple records and to operate office equipment. Requires the ability to maintain a high level of ethical behavior. Education and Experience: * The position requires the equivalent of a high school diploma plus experience working with students in a classroom or equivalent environment and successful completion of the CODESP exam, AA degree or equivalent. * Alternatively, the District will consider related P-BVUSD experience and recommendations from previous P-BVUSD supervisors. * Incumbents assigned to pre-school environments will be required to have 6 credit hours of early childhood education curriculum. Licenses and Certificates: * May require: a valid driver's license, approved competency examination, and a valid First Aid/CPR card. Application Document Requirements: * Resume * High School diploma or GED. Salary and Terms of Service: $14.00 Per Hour Required Application Procedure: Apply Online. An online application and all documents supporting the application requirements noted above must accompany your application by the closing date in order to receive consideration for this position. It shall be the applicant's responsibility to supply copies of all documentation, letters of recommendation etc. or other related materials. As required by California State Law, should you be employed by the District, your fingerprints will be taken and submitted to the Justice Department and the FBI for a background check. Processing fee will be at applicant's expense.

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