Wrapper Operator

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Job Summary The Wrapper Operator is responsible for operations of the Wrapper section of the production area. This includes the Presto robot management and the check weighers. This position must work in a team setting and be able to prioritize emergencies that occur in their section. The Operator must efficiently and securely ensure the uniformity of wrapping of bars in accordance with good manufacturing practices as well as safety rules and procedures in force and specification sheet. This position is responsible for ensuring that the wrapper is operating at proper speeds and best fit settings to produce the least possible loss, this includes optimizing recycling opportunities. The Operator must meet the objectives of productivity and time of change, including the use of good work, safety and health practices. Main Job Functions * Ensure the optimization of the wrapper, robots and check weighers. * Ensures a good transition with the operator of the previous and following shift and informs of the critical watch points. * Ensures immediate and accurate communication between 'upstream and downstream' operations, team leads, supervisor, maintenance personnel. * Responsible for the accuracy of the coding on the bars. Able to verify that the encoder is working properly and change data within the setting when required. * Able to make simple adjustments in the HMI to control wrapper machine settings. * Able to make adjustments to wrapper settings to ensure the setup is accurate and complete. * Responsible for the conformity of seal integrity to meet required visual and vacuum testing specifications. * Checks material unrelated to the current production is in not in the room. * Ensures proper materials for job are present at wrapper. * Ensures all the tools, materials and documents are prepared and completed. * Ensure there are enough waste bins, white bins and animal recycling bins are at the wrappers and shelves are in the correct locations and maintained throughout the shift. * Checks the wrapper film is properly threaded and the downstream packaging machinery is ready to receive the bars. * Checks the code at the packing machine (web) at the requested frequency by completing the form FR-Checking codes. Completes all relevant sections/paperwork. * Changes the code to the packer according to the quality control specifications (Documents available on each line). Validates with supervisor before requesting quality control clearance. * Ensures there is always a roll ready to be used by the wrapper (well inserted, well placed, ready to stick on the roll paper currently used. Use small/partial rolls first (avoid accumulating incomplete rolls) * Prepare the samples at the frequency requested by QC. * Recycle off-spec products using white bins and return to mixing in a timely manner for reintegration. * Notify supervisor of suspicious noises or other mechanical problems with the any and all equipment. * Operate and unlock robots minimizing downtime * Able to report any and all mechanical issues immediately to appropriate maintenance personnel * Able to maintain cleanliness of the entire work area, particular attention to any mechanical functions. * Able to make simple mechanical adjustments to machinery which are required to maintain optimal performance and output. * During sanitation activities is able clean the equipment and reassemble correctly any equipment assigned in the area. * Keep work environment safe and clean at all times. * Scan up and down the line in the designated work zone to look for problems which may require immediate attention. * Responsible for all cleaning and sanitation activities associated with maintaining the cleanliness of the line as well as any change over activities on the line. Education or Equivalent Work Experience: Proven previous machine operation experience Required Competencies: * Food Safety Training * Mechanical aptitude * Intermediate communication skills. Ability to read and interpret documents. Ability to write routine correspondence, instructions and procedures. Bilingual speaking skills in both English and Spanish preferred. * Able to work in high stress/speed environment and be able to deal with emergency situations with calmness * Basic math skills: Able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and fractions. Able to compute ratios and percentages. Be able to use a calculator. * Strong teamwork skills and ability to foster a positive and productive environment. * Commitment to company values. * Inspires and motivates others to perform well, effectively communicates changes, always seeks ways to improve job skills. * Demonstrates self-management by consistently being at work on time, takes responsibility for own actions, takes initiate, and meets productivity standards. * Adapts well to change.

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