Contracts Negotiator

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: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Job DescriptionThe coolest jobs on this planet… or any other… arewith Lockheed Martin Space.As we enter a new era of strategic weapons systems,Lockheed Martin is a pioneer, partner, innovator andbuilder. Our amazing men and women are on amission to make a difference in the world and everysingle day we use our unique skills and experiencesto create, design and build solutions to some of theworlds' hardest engineering problems. Our cultureencourages employees to dream big, perform withexcellence and create incredible products. Weprovide the resources, inspiration and focus and ifyou have the passion and courage to dream big, wewant to build a better tomorrow with you.As a Negotiator, your primary functions andresponsibility of this position will be to:* Provide expertise and leadership as part of theStrategic and Missile Defense Line of Business.* Serve as the adviser to the Senior and Programteams on Government issues.* Coordinate and consult with legal staff asappropriate.* Focus on leading organizational functions to meetcritical schedules, resolve critical/complex technical oroperational problems.* Oversee the evaluation of contract performance tofigure out necessity for amendments or extensionsof, and compliance to contractual obligations.* Ensure communications are maintained for timelycontract execution by the parties.* Ensure final contract documents are consistent withagreements reached at negotiations.* Brief on program status and contractual issues.You will also take initiative to achieve results in thisfocused, fast paced and dynamic environmentrequiring ability to envision solutions to resolve issuescorrectly. You should possess a strong ability to workand communicate with all partners on a recurringbasis. You will play a key role in shaping the future ofLockheed Martin through gaining follow-on and newbusiness as well as developing leaders within theorganization. You should be a collaborative strategyfocused negotiator with an understanding of hownegotiation strategy impacts both Lockheed Martinand the customer.Basic Qualifications* Bachelor's degree in Business or related field with 3 years of relevant experience or Master's degree with 1 years of relevant experience* Strong oral and written communication skills, inaddition to attention to detail.* Experience with FAR and DFAR* Experience negotiating, administering, extending, terminating, closing and renegotiating standard and nonstandard government contracts.

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