Nurse Practitioner

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

Job Description Facility: EL CENTRO SERVICE PROCESSING CENTER Compensation Base: Compensation Bonus (if applicable): Equal Opportunity Employer. Summary This position diagnoses and treats acute, episodic, or chronic illness, independently or as part of a healthcare team. In addition, this position focuses on health promotion and disease prevention; order, perform, or interpret diagnostic tests such as laboratory work and x- rays; and prescribe medication. Primary Duties and Responsibilities * Performs routine medical examinations on inmates or detainees under established guidelines. * Diagnose and treat acute and chronic medical illnesses. * Provides medical treatment and services, consistent with the provision of basic health care services, in conjunction with a physician. * Formulates comprehensive treatment plans and prognosis based on the patient's health conditions. * Prescribes medication dosages, routes, and frequencies based on patients' diagnosis permitted under State and DEA licensure. * Orders, performs, or interprets the results of diagnostic tests such as complete blood counts (CBCs), electrocardiograms (EKGs), and radiographs (x-rays) with physician oversight as needed. * Analyzes and interprets a patient's history, symptoms, physical findings, and diagnostic information to develop appropriate clinical assessment and treatment plan. * Develops treatment plans are based on scientific rationale, standards of care, and clinical practice guidelines. * Documents all health care services provided and include comprehensive records of health care plans and prognosis in the patient's medical record. * Counsels patients on prescribed drug regimens and possible side effects or interactions with other drugs or substances. * Recommends interventions to modify behavior associated with health risks. * Educates patients about self-management of acute or chronic illnesses, tailoring instructions to patients' individual circumstances. * Provides patients with information needed to promote good health, reduce risk factors, and prevent disease or disability. * Consults with or refers patients to appropriate specialists when conditions exceed the scope of practice or expertise. * Reads current literature, talk with colleagues, and participates in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in nursing. * Recommends diagnostic or therapeutic interventions with attention to clinical indication, safety and patient acceptability and compliance, to treatment plan. * Schedules follow-up visits to monitor patients or evaluate health or illness care. * Maintains current knowledge of state legal regulations for nurse practitioner practice and licensure requirements. * Performs primary care procedures such as suturing, splinting, administering immunizations, taking specimen cultures, and appropriate wound care and debridement as necessary. * Maintains departmental policies and procedures in areas such as safety and infection control. * Must be available for 24-hour coverage based on the need of the facility and as assigned, to advise nursing staff in the care of detainees/inmates/residents after hours. * Performs other duties as assigned. Job Requirements Minimum Requirements * Graduate from an accredited school of nursing required. Must have a current, unrestricted license to practice as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner in the state the facility is located, as well as a current DEA license. Must maintain current copy of applicable licenses at the facility at all times. * Two (2) years of direct work experience preferred. * Knowledge of nursing principles practices and techniques. * Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. * Skill in performing uncomplicated surgical procedures. * Ability to administer prescribed medications. * Ability to perform complete physical appraisals of patients. * Ability to identify and evaluate illnesses. * Ability to initiate diagnostic laboratory tests and evaluate the results. * Ability to manage the care of patients. * Ability to work with patients having a variety of physical problems. * Ability to compile and evaluate medical histories and other clinical and laboratory data. * Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments. * Ability to communicate effectively. * Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others. * Ability to work with computers and the necessary software typically used by the department. * Must be a United States citizen. * Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. * Must be willing to undergo a rigorous background investigation as required by U.S. Marshals.

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