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Ondot, now part of Fiserv, has helped over 4,500 financial institutions modernize their credit and debit cards with digital technology. Over the last 10 years, Ondot has won numerous awards for its technology, and is excited to bring this innovation to Fiserv. Job Description Summary As a member of the Data Scientist team, you will have the opportunity to work on fintech use cases, use the cut-edge AI technology to discover data insights for card holders based on the unique combination of real-time transaction data, merchant data, consumer data and location data, and build Data Insight products that bring intelligence to the consumer's digital card management and card spending experience. Responsibilities The candidate will work on improving the Transaction Enrichment (TE) solution, and apply exploratory data analysis, statistical algorithms and machine learning algorithms to cleanse raw payment transaction data and enrich it with additional attributes, such as merchant names, locations, merchant contacts, merchant categories, logos, etc. The responsibilities include: * Work with managers and cross-functional product teams to create the prioritized list of data use cases and problems to solve * Conduct independent data analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the main characteristics and patterns of the data, and identify the main data issues to resolve and the main areas in algorithms to improve * Leverage data warehousing and visualization methods to create dashboards and tools for effectively performing data analysis, model evaluation, and actionable data insight storytelling * Recommend statistical or machine learning methods to solve the data issues * Process data from multiple data sources to create clean and normalized datasets for training, validation and testing * Execute model training, hyperparameter tuning, feature selection, and performance evaluation * Develop innovative machine learning algorithms to solve complex classification problems * Develop advanced NLP algorithms for merchant and transaction data enrichment * Develop state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for image processing Qualifications * Minimum of 3 years-experience in Data Science. * Must have passion about data: you feel a strong sense of achievement when you discover the hidden patterns within the data, the exceptions not dealt with before, the beauty of feature engineering, and the new model yielding best performance without overfitting * Strong data processing skills and abilities to deal with large amount of data * Proficient with at SQL, Python, and data processing pipeline * Strong experience in developing machine learning models, such as classification, NLP, NER, neural network, RNN, CNN, and other deep learning algorithms using Tensorflow or PyTorch * Strong experience in feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, and model training * Extremely attentive to metric and details: precision, recall, accuracy, outliers, anomalies, trends, etc. * Respect data privacy and data governance rules and regulations * Ability to communicate clearly with different stakeholders * A team player who can learn and grow with other team members, while contributing to the success of the product Education: A Master's or a Bachelor's degree in Math, Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science, or other related fields. Master's degree preferred. Apply Now

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