California Jobs - A big state with big opportunity

As of mid-2017, the State of California had 3,922 job openings posted, according to the Sacramento Bee, and a large number of people were taking the California State Jobs Exams to apply for them. The exams are part of the five-step process that state applicants must follow, often combined with weeks or months of waiting. Workers know that securing one of the available positions can help them weather economic change over the years and gain access to generous benefits.

The California State Jobs Exams and Beyond

When you apply for a CA state job, you start by creating a CalCareer account online. Many people take a "shotgun" approach and apply for numerous opportunities to avoid waiting for the uncertain outcome of a single application. You can manage your applications with the CalCareer account. Its no mystery how to apply for a state job ; just follow the steps online. With the merit-based application system, you need to find exams for the areas in which you want to work and apply for them. Take the exam and receive your ranking. Veterans have an advantage here. If you pass, apply for any open jobs. Wait for an interview, then wait some more.

The Wait for California Jobs

You're probably wondering, "How long does it take to get a state job in California?" Reports from candidates say that it can vary a lot. Typical times seem to be at least one to two months. The process involves the initial exam and ranking, waiting to be selected for interviews, standardized interviewing and waiting for the outcome of the interview. Everyone goes through roughly the same process from beginning to end. The intention is to give applicants an equal shot at the job.

State Jobs in California for Foreigners

The state notes that it only provides exams in English, but applicants dont necessarily have to be U.S. citizens to apply; they just need proper INS immigration status for the job. Degrees from institutions outside the United States that are properly accredited are usually accepted.

California jobs in demand include thousands of opportunities working for the state in every region. Job security and benefits enhance the desirability of these positions, but there are opportunities in nearly every field.

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